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Re: new snapshot available: parted-3.0.136-1f80

From: Rod Smith
Subject: Re: new snapshot available: parted-3.0.136-1f80
Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2012 12:31:56 -0500
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On 02/18/2012 12:00 PM, Jim Meyering<address@hidden> wrote:

A release is overdue, so in the hopes of accelerating the process,
here is a snapshot.

I note that this snapshot doesn't include my Linux-specific GPT partition type code patch, which I submitted in June of 2011. With EFI support now the norm on new computers, this patch is becoming rather important -- without it, Linux partitions on dual-boot EFI systems show up as unformatted drives under Windows' file browser, which is a potentially dangerous situation. If Linux partitions are given their own type codes, OTOH, Windows hides the Linux partitions, as it does on MBR disks. For more information, please review the original thread on this topic, starting at http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-parted/2011-06/msg00026.html.

Rod Smith

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