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From: Curtis Gedak
Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2012 14:27:28 -0600
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If you cannot test different versions of parted, then perhaps you could provide the contents of the initial sectors of the drive containing the GUID Partition Table.

To capture these in a file you can use a command such as the following (as root):

     dd if=/path-to-your-disk-device of=gpt-34-sectors.bin count=34

Where /path-to-your-disk-device is something like /dev/sda

WARNING:  Be sure to type the command correctly to avoid loss of data.

And then attach the file "gpt-34-sectors.bin" to this bug report.


On 12-04-02 02:19 PM, CDR wrote:
I downloaded the latest Gparted:
which is 0.12.0.-5.
I already shipped the computer to the customer, so I am no longer able
to do testing on that particular computer where he problem showed.
I may be able to ask the client to let me boot the box remotely, if
you want me to test a new version. If you want specific information
about versions, I suggest downloading the ISO from the link above.
I am not an engineer but a "builder" of systems. I would not know how
to change versions myself.



On Mon, Apr 2, 2012 at 4:09 PM, Curtis Gedak<address@hidden>  wrote:
Which version of the libparted library are you using?

To confirm if the problem is in the libparted library would you be able to
provide the output from the following command (as root):

     parted /path-to-your-disk-device unit s print

Where /path-to-your-disk-device is something like /dev/sda

Also if you are not using the latest Parted version 3.1, would you be able
to also test the above command using parted-3.1?

Curtis Gedak

On 12-04-02 05:49 AM, CDR wrote:
The screen says:
Caption: "Libparted Bug Found!!"
"Assertion(las_usable<= disk->dev->length) at ../../../
libparted/labels/gpt.c:718 in function _parse_header() failed."

It happens when you just start gparted and it starts scanning the
drives. I have a single 3 TB disk from Hitachi, with a partition HFS+
from a MAC


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