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Re: New GPT UUID -- Haiku !UPDATE!

From: Alexander von Gluck
Subject: Re: New GPT UUID -- Haiku !UPDATE!
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2012 21:16:40 -0500
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On 25.07.2012 08:58, Alexander von Gluck wrote:
Good morning!

I've created a new UUID for Haiku and added it to our gpt partitioning code:


Any chance of getting this added to parted? It pretty much replaces the BeOS MBR
partition type. (which we use atm for MBR tables)

I added the GUID to wikipedia:

It's valid UUID and the hex translates to the following ascii:

UUID: 42465331-BB23-1601-802A-4861696B7521
The name is "Haiku BFS"

This UUID is incorrect. I pulled the wrong one from an older mailing list post.

The *correct* and final UUID for "Haiku BFS" is below:
UUID: 42465331-3BA3-10F1-802A-4861696B7521

The UUID below is *NOT* correct:
UUID: 42465331-BB23-1601-802A-4861696B7521

Sorry for the confusion.
   -- Alex

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