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bug#15356: [PATCH 00/19] Fedora parted patches

From: Phillip Susi
Subject: bug#15356: [PATCH 00/19] Fedora parted patches
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2014 10:55:19 -0500
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On 9/11/2013 3:24 PM, Brian C. Lane wrote:
> From: "Brian C. Lane" <address@hidden>
> Here is the stack of patches that I'm currently carrying for the
> master branch of parted in Fedora. I think patches 1-12 have been
> posted before, but I recently rebased things onto parted master.
> The patches adding new flags (13-16) are all new.
> Patch 4 is my take on handling the uuid of dm devices.
> Patch 18 is similar to Phillip's, except that I didn't see any
> reason to sync all the partition devices since all of our access is
> via offsets into the parent device so I left the kernel 2.6 check
> in place.
> Brian C. Lane (14): libparted: copy pmbr_boot when duplicating GPT
> disk tests: test creating 20 device-mapper partitions (#803108) 
> libparted: use dm_udev_wait (#698121)

There are a few instances of unneccesary whitespace changes of the form:

- -        if (!dm_task_run(dmt))
+        if (!dm_task_run (dmt))

Do you mind if I drop those before I commit?  Also could you write a
NEWS entry?

> libparted: preserve the uuid on dm partitions (#832145) tests: Make
> sure dm UUIDs are not erased libparted: don't canonicalize /dev/md/
> paths (#872361)

Could you write a NEWS entry for this?

> tests: rewrite t6001 to use /dev/mapper libparted: Add Intel Rapid
> Start Technology partition flag. libparted: Add UEFI System
> Partition flag. libparted: Add hfs_esp partition flag to GPT.

Dropped per your request.

> libparted: Recognize btrfs filesystem

For the two flags and btrfs changes, you added the entry in the NEWS
file under the changes in behavior section.  I think they should be
under the new features section instead.  Do you mind if I move them
before I commit?

> tests: Add btrfs and xfs to the fs probe test libparted: Flush
> parent device on open (#962611)

Holding this one for now due to reasons posted previously.  My patch
titled [PATCH 9/9] Revert "linux-commit: do not unnecessarily open
partition device nodes" should solve this instead.

> tests: Restrict gpt-header-munge to little-endian systems
> Nageswara R Sastry (5): libparted: add support for implicit FBA
> DASD partitions libparted: add support for EAV DASD partitions 
> libparted: mklabel to support EAV DASD libparted: Avoid dasd as
> default disk type while probe libparted: mklabel to support EDEV

Holding these DASD patches since it sounded like they still needed
some cleaning up.

The rest look good and I'm ready to commit them if you are ok with those
minor changes and can send some NEWS entries to add.
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