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bug#16885: Not recognizing FAT32 partition

From: Edward Diener
Subject: bug#16885: Not recognizing FAT32 partition
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2014 18:48:32 -0500
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I have a FAT32 logical partition on an MBR hard drive. The partition ID is 0xb and the partition is successfully shared between Windows7, Windows Vista, and various Linux distros.

In 'parted-3.1' if I 'print' the drive (/dev/sdc), the output does not show the type of the partition. If I try to use GParted to copy the partition to a backup drive, the copy always fails. Asking about this on the GParted forum I have received the information that the copy fails because 'parted' does not recognize the partition type, even though 'gparted' shows it as a FAT32 partition.

How can I determine why 'parted' does not recognize the partition type ?

I have tried 'parted' from the GParted live, which uses a 2.3 patched version of 'parted' from Debian sid and I have tried 'parted' from Fedora 20, which uses the latest 3.1 version of 'parted'. The result is the same: 'parted' does no recognize the partition type of my FAT32 partition.

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