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bug#17994: Linux RAID MBR type code

From: Chris Murphy
Subject: bug#17994: Linux RAID MBR type code
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2014 17:58:26 -0600

This is in master branch.

98      #define PARTITION_LINUX_RAID    0xfd

This type code and metadata version 0.9 are long deprecated. Parted lacks 
support for the "non-fs data" partition type code 0xda, which is what should be 
used for mdadm metadata 1.x partitions.

man 8 mdadm:
"When  creating  a partition based array, using mdadm with version-1.x 
metadata, the partition type should be set to 0xDA (non fs-data).  This type 
selection allows for greater precision since using any other [RAID auto-detect 
(0xFD) or a GNU/Linux  partition (0x83)], might create problems in the event of 
array recovery through a live cdrom."


Chris Murphy

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