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bug#20893: Strange behavior when using parted

From: Joan Lledó
Subject: bug#20893: Strange behavior when using parted
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2015 00:49:31 +0200

On dc, 24 de jun 2015 a les 11:53 , Brian C. Lane <address@hidden> wrote:
On Wed, Jun 24, 2015 at 10:44:23PM +0200, Joan Lledó wrote:
Hello parted list, I'm not sure this is a bug, probably not, but since I've installed Debian 8 some scripts I use for helping me to test a library are having a strange behavior. I've wrote a little script as an example:
What version of parted are you using?

The one that comes with Debian 8: parted 3.2

You may be hitting this bug: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1135493 (there's a fix being discussed on the parted-devel list)

Thanks for the link. After reading it I can say that's exactly my
problem. I'm glad to know it's a parted bug, because I'm using libparted
in a project and thought it was a bug in my code. But this means all the
projects that use libparted 3.2, like gparted in Debian 8, must be
failing right now, right?

Is there a way to receive a notice when this bug is fixed?

#!/bin/bash cd ~ modprobe scsi_debug dev_size_mb=800 sector_size=4096 parted /dev/sdf mklabel msdos parted /dev/sdf mkpart primary 1 50 parted /dev/sdf mkpart primary 51 105 parted /dev/sdf mkpart extended 106 750 parted /dev/sdf mkpart primary 751 839 parted /dev/sdf mkpart logical 107 200 parted /dev/sdf mkpart logical 201 300 parted /dev/sdf mkpart logical 301 450 parted /dev/sdf mkpart logical 451 600 parted /dev/sdf mkpart logical 601 750
Also, you should be using -s in your script to avoid prompting.
Brian C. Lane | Anaconda Team | IRC: bcl #anaconda | Port Orchard, WA (PST8PDT)

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