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bug#23511: extra sector in resize

From: Шокуров Антон
Subject: bug#23511: extra sector in resize
Date: Wed, 11 May 2016 08:03:42 +0300

Dear parted developers!

Recently i had to resize one of my partitions.
i decided to give the ending in mibs, so i set the units to mibs.
Then i entered the resirepart command and had set the new ending.
Being pedantic i decided to check the byte value (set the unit to b 
beforehand), and it showed that apparently there was actually a extra sector 
added it its ending.

So, i deiced to do it another way. I recreated the partition (removed the 
partition and created again). And it worked. There was no extra sector being 
added to the ending value.

Verdict, there is a bug in the resizepart command (in comparison with the 
mkpart command command the ending value it being processed differently, which 
by itself is a bad programming style...)


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