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bug#27038: partedUtil Bug

From: Rambabu Jayachandran
Subject: bug#27038: partedUtil Bug
Date: Tue, 23 May 2017 15:53:41 +0000

Hello Team,

We are trying to delete the datastore in Esxi 6.5. We are getting the below errors if you have workaround for this fix. Please let us know.

 partedUtil getptbl /vmfs/volumes/591e12d4-1034c414-2785-1402ec9458f4
Warning: Unable to open /vmfs/volumes/591e12d4-1034c414-2785-1402ec9458f4 read-write (Is a directory).  /vmfs/volumes/591e12d4-1034c414-2785-1402ec9458f4 has been opened read-only.
Warning: Could not determine sector size for /vmfs/volumes/591e12d4-1034c414-2785-1402ec9458f4: Inappropriate ioctl for device.
Using the default sector size (512).
A bug has been detected in GNU Parted.  Refer to the web site of parted http://www.gnu.org/software/parted/parted.html for more information of what could be useful for bug submitting!  Please email a bug report to address@hidden containing at least the version (2.4.41-bb42-dirty) and the following message:  Unable to determine the size of /vmfs/volumes/591e12d4-1034c414-2785-1402ec9458f4 (Inappropriate ioctl for device).
Unable to get device /vmfs/volumes/591e12d4-1034c414-2785-1402ec9458f4

Rambabu Thoppey
System Architect
Mob : +15105098681


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