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bug#43993: parted in script mode still needs "yes/no" as input in "are y

From: Michael Kopp
Subject: bug#43993: parted in script mode still needs "yes/no" as input in "are you sure" questions
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2020 20:55:45 +0200
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I wanted to use parted in a script and used the `--script` option.
Unfortunately, I wanted to do something risky (resizing the partition that is still mounted -- in my defense: It's only in a virtual machine), and then the script will not continue but die with

    Warning: partition /dev/sda2 is being used.  Are you sure
    you want to continue?

The program does not run through and the size is not changed.
Even using something like `yes | parted --script ...` does not fix the issue.

This does sound like kind of a bug to me.
I would propose to add something like an `--assume-yes` option, which will answer to the messages in some way to make the script continue (or only to yes/no questions?).

I took a look at the code, how one could add something like this but I'm not fluent in this kind of C programming. The little thingy I could produce was the following patch.

What do you think about the behavior and the proposal?


diff --git a/parted/parted.c b/parted/parted.c
index dbd38d0..58b0621 100644
--- a/parted/parted.c
+++ b/parted/parted.c
@@ -115,6 +115,7 @@ static struct option const options[] = {
         {"list",        0, NULL, 'l'},
         {"machine",     0, NULL, 'm'},
         {"script",      0, NULL, 's'},
+        {"assume-yes",  0, NULL, 'y'},
         {"version",     0, NULL, 'v'},
         {"align",       required_argument, NULL, 'a'},
         {"-pretend-input-tty", 0, NULL, PRETEND_INPUT_TTY},
@@ -126,12 +127,14 @@ static const char *const options_help [][2] = {
{"list", N_("lists partition layout on all block devices")},
         {"machine",     N_("displays machine parseable output")},
         {"script",      N_("never prompts for user intervention")},
+ {"assume-yes", N_("Assume yes to all answers (useful in script mode)")},
         {"version",     N_("displays the version")},
         {"align=[none|cyl|min|opt]", N_("alignment for new partitions")},
         {NULL,          NULL}

 int     opt_script_mode = 0;
+int     opt_assume_yes = 0;
 int     pretend_input_tty = 0;
 int     opt_machine_mode = 0;
 int     disk_is_modified = 0;
@@ -225,6 +228,14 @@ _partition_warn_busy (PedPartition* part)

         if (ped_partition_is_busy (part)) {
                 path = ped_partition_get_path (part);
+                if (opt_assume_yes)
+                {
+                        printf(_("Partition %s is being used, but "
+ "assume-yes mode is on, so we will go ahead."),
+                                 path);
+                        free (path);
+                        return 1;
+                }
                 if (ped_exception_throw (

Michael Kopp <kopp.michael@yahoo.de>

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