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bug#46272: Additional info : partition alignment is old for this disk (w

From: Eric Valette
Subject: bug#46272: Additional info : partition alignment is old for this disk (was one sector not one MiB)
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2021 17:43:01 +0100
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Apparently the fact that part 5 and 6 (two first extended partition) have no space at all between them is what causes the bug.

The sfdisk command to recreate my partitioning may fail and probably because the default value for gain is NOW 1 MiB when it was one sector long time ago. Man sfdisk to see gain definition.

Try the following file instead (not tested)

more my_disk_partition.txt
label: dos
label-id: 0x0006411f
device: /dev/sdb
unit: sectors
sector-size: 512
gain: 512

/dev/sdb1 : start=        2048, size=   117184512, type=7, bootable
/dev/sdb3 : start=   117188606, size=   117252098, type=5
/dev/sdb5 : start=   117190656, size=    41013248, type=83
/dev/sdb6 : start=   158203904, size=     9762816, type=83
/dev/sdb7 : start=   167968768, size=    13670400, type=83
/dev/sdb8 : start=   181641216, size=     1951744, type=83
/dev/sdb9 : start=   183595008, size=    39059456, type=83
/dev/sdb10 : start=   222656512, size=    11784192, type=82

To recreate an identically partitioned disk

you can recreate the same disk format via:

sfdisk /dev/sdb < my_disk_partition.txt

-- eric

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