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From: Ricky Tigg
Subject: bug#50601:
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2021 11:06:07 +0300

Good to know. That turns unexpectedly that report into the most common observable issue, which has root in documentation and descriptions.commands. Of course from the analyse of  relevant materials, manual PARTED(8) and parted's interactive interface "(parted) help", the obvious is noticeable; yur depicted description is there missinge.

$ man parted
mkpart [part-type name fs-type] start end
                     Create a new partition. part-type may (...).

# parted /dev/sdc
(parted) help
  mkpart PART-TYPE [FS-TYPE] START END     make a partition

Here is the relevant information in this regards, though documented lately in the logical information chain. Its reading may for that very reason easily be missed:

# parted /dev/sdc
(parted) help mkpart
 'mkpart' makes a partition without creating a new file system on the partition.  FS-TYPE may be specified to set an appropriate partition ID.

That's precisely within manual PARTED(8) and parted's interactive interface "(parted) help" that information of first class relevance are dully expected to be documented. What a pity it has not been according to that principle since 2007 March 29 till nowadays. Regards.

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