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GNU Prolog 1.2.1 problem in retract

From: Juan Raymundo Iglesias
Subject: GNU Prolog 1.2.1 problem in retract
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 04:42:55 -0600

Hi, while using a previous release of gprolog I found that gprolog was
running out of memory after successive calls to retractall/1. I went to
the gprolog's web site for the new release 1.2.1 and I found that this
version of gprolog is not running out of memory with retractall/1.
However, It seems that 1.2.1 has problems with retract/1.

I'm writing a parser that makes lots of (maybe naive) asserts and
retracts during the scanning phase in a failure loop using repeat/0. If
I use retractall/1 the program seems to work fine, but if I replace the
retractall/1 calls by retract/1 calls, the program quits abnormally with
the following message:

Fatal Error: global stack overflow (size: 4096 Kb, environment variable

Thanks for keeping gprolog, It has been a valuable tool for my job.
Please let me know if I can be helpful somehow in this matter.

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