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Fatal Error: Segmentation Violation

From: Bowie Owens
Subject: Fatal Error: Segmentation Violation
Date: 16 Jan 2001 10:06:38 +1100

Hi all,

I have been trying simulate lambda functions and I have been getting a
fatal error.

Entering the query:

L=(l(X):-!,X=foo), asserta(L), l(Z), retract(L).

Causes a ``Fatal Error: Segmentation Violation'' immediately in the
stable version 1.2.1 (the binary rpm from
http://pauillac.inria.fr/~diaz/gnu-prolog/#download). In the latest
unstable version 1.2.5 (compiled with gcc 2.95.1) gprolog responds with:

L = l(X):-!,X=foo
Z = foo ? 

If I hit return there are no problems, however if I hit ; to get more
solutions I again get ``Fatal Error: Segmentation Violation''.

PS thanks for the fine Prolog implementation.

-- Bowie Owens

CSIRO Mathematical & Information Sciences
phone : +61 3 9545 8055
email : address@hidden

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