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Pl_Err_System() unify_with_occurs_check: Segmentation Violation

From: Renaud Mariana
Subject: Pl_Err_System() unify_with_occurs_check: Segmentation Violation
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 05:07:40 -0500


The Pl_Err_System() function causes a Segmentation Violation
with gprolog 1.2.6 / Linux 2.2.16 / PII-MMX.

To reproduce this I modified the file ExamplesC/examp_c.c
by inserting the following line:
say in the 'first_occurrence' function .

another pb :
under the prolog interpreter
| ?- unify_with_occurs_check(X,X).
causes another Segmentation Violation

Note: These bugs don't happen with gprolog 1.2.1 or with
gprolog 1.2.6 compiled with -g.

Hope this helps
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