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problems installing

From: Jorge Marques Pelizzoni
Subject: problems installing
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 20:54:05 -0300

Hi! I´m trying to install Gnu Prolog on Win32+MSVC6.0 but it hasn't been easy at all. First of all, after installing Cygwin, many necessary commands were missing (cat, expr, base/dirname, etc.), which I "solved" by installing a third-party package called UnixDos. Then the "configure" step was seemingly able to succeed, just for things to get crazy in the next step ("make"). Actually, "configure" is generating malformed files. For example, my "src/EnginePl/gp_config.h"´s will insist on having #defines like the following:
#define SIZEOF_LONG <and nothing being actuallly defined>
#-efine inline __inline
#,FLAGS                     "/nologo /Ox"
#*SM_SUFFIX     ".asm"
#.XE_SUFFIX     ".exe"
Then, if I manually correct these #defines, another problem comes about: "src\enginepl\pl_config.c" won´t compile because it refers to identifiers, like CC, C_FLAGS, etc., which are only defined in a file that is never included, namely "src\EnginePl\gprolog.h".
Then, if I manually include this file in pl_config.c, there´ll be problems in many of its lines, such as:
register WamWord   *reg_bank asm ("ebx");
I would most appreciate it if you could help me solve these problems.

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