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The new Portal For the IT Professional Community

From: webmaster
Subject: The new Portal For the IT Professional Community
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002 08:20:37 -0500

Dear IT professional,

History has shown that the most significant growth for IT project managers,
programmers and consultants is at the beginning of an economic
expansion.  The economy is clearly in a state of recovery and companies
are once again searching for the perfect IT Professional.

This week, we've launched a new Online Marketplace for Web Designers, 
Programmers, and IT Project Managers. 

Check out the new projects available by clicking here !

Contract job opportunities and salaries are rising and eprojectshop.com is
ready to match you with the perfect gig!  Don't let your competition
beat you to it!  Click here and visit eprojectshop.com today!

You're already a member so make sure to take full advantage of
eprojectshop.com by visiting the site daily.  By registering, you will sign up
for a eprojectshop Agent and you will be informed of new projects
as soon as they are posted.

Click here to get started!

Thank You,

The team of eprojectshop.com

Good Luck!

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