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Re: app throws "illegal instruction"

From: Daniele Peri
Subject: Re: app throws "illegal instruction"
Date: 24 May 2002 12:23:17 +0200

Il mer, 2002-05-15 alle 15:23, Frank Rehberger ha scritto:

> > cd gprolog-1.2.12/src
> > ./configure --with-c-flags=debug
> > make clean
> > make
> this solved my problem :)
> everything works fine now. 
> Even delegation of printing "hello world" to gnu-prolog engine works
> fine :)
This is rather similar to what I experienced once writing GNUprolog
applications using GTK. I reported it either to the mailing list or to
Daniel Diaz but had no reply. I also figured out that the problem is in
the different compilation modalities of GTK libs and GNUprolog. GTK libs
are in fact by default compiled with no frame pointers while GNUprolog
makefile behaves in the other way round. This results in faulty stack
management when calling prolog from C.
Compiling GNUprolog with the debug flag disables the use of frame
pointers solving the problem, at least in my case.

Daniele Peri
Ph.D. Student
DIE - Universita' degli Studi di Palermo
v.le delle Scienze, 90128 Palermo, Italy
Phone:+39-0916566273 Fax:+39-091488452

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