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Here is a bug...

From: Jasper Taylor
Subject: Here is a bug...
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 20:04:33 +0100
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$ gprolog
GNU Prolog 1.2.13
By Daniel Diaz
Copyright (C) 1999-2002 Daniel Diaz
| ?- length(P,3000), P = [97 | Q], prefix(Q,P), format_to_codes(B, [126,115],

Fatal Error: Segmentation Violation
B = $

The first three clauses in this demo are merely to create a list of 3000 "a"s, 
and that is what you get when you do them on their own. However when you then 
go format_to_codes even just citing this string, a segmentation error occurs!

...and I want to use strings _much_ longer than 3000 chars...

Hoping my effort in submitting this helps to improve the quality of Free 
Software worldwide...


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