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Problem with Sockets

From: Jörg Ritter
Subject: Problem with Sockets
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 15:36:49 +0200


I've problems with sockets under Windows2000:
My System: Windows2000 Service Pack 2
GNU-Prolog: setup-gprolog-1.2.13.exe

Bug: I tested the client/server program from Daniel Diaz you can find at

Starting the server it waits until a connection is established by the client. So connecting is ok. But if the server trys to read the terms (test, test2, ...) which were written by the client
it always reads "end_of_file".

I tried the same program with gnu-prolog1.2.9 for windows. It doesn't work.
And I tried the same program with gnu-prolog1.2.13 for my linux-box. THIS WORKS FINE.

(BTW: CLPGUI (http://contraintes.inria.fr/~fages/CLPGUI/) which also needs socket communication, doesn't work under Windows2000, too)

Does anyone can help me!?


Dr. Jörg Ritter
Harmsweg 16
26125 Oldenburg
Tel.: 0174 / 9754518
E-Mail: address@hidden

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