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Re: Cygwin make fails for 1.2.16

From: Daniel Diaz
Subject: Re: Cygwin make fails for 1.2.16
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 09:32:32 +0100
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Hi Gerald, thank you for your bug report

Quoting Gerald Shapiro <address@hidden>:

> Ok. My big problem is that when I try to build 1.2.16, make fails in 
> BipsPl.  Configure and prior steps in the make are fine, but in BipsPl,
> I see
> gplc -W  --no-redef-error pred.pl
> error trying to execute pl2wam: No such file or directory
> compilation failed

This is due to the absence of the file src/BipsPl/pred.wam. This occured with
the initial gprolog-1.2.16.tar.gz I released but I replaced it later with
another source version fixing this bug. Can you re-ftp it and retry ?

Else I join this file as attachement, copy it under src/BipsPl (eventualy do a
touch pred.wam to update its modification date but should not be necessary) and
restart the make (you dont need to do a make clean).

Sorry for the bug.

                 Daniel Diaz
University of Paris 1      INRIA Rocquencourt
75013 Paris FRANCE      78153 Le Chesnay FRANCE
        web: http://pauillac.inria.fr/~diaz
        email: address@hidden

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