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Bugs in writeq.

From: Barry Dwyer
Subject: Bugs in writeq.
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2003 14:04:55 +0930

Mac OSX or Unix 10.2.6 GNU Prolog 1.2.16
I have been attempt to write code that generates Prolog source.
writeq is supposed to produce output that can be read by read_term, but several strings are unreadable, e.g.,
| ?- writeq('\\+').
| ?- writeq('/*').
The first will cause an exception due to an illegal escape character. The second will be treated as a comment, even though it is supposed to be a quoted atom. Even when the program compensates, if the resulting file is consulted, an apparent internal use of writeq causes consult to raise an exception.

state(['.',' ','*/'],37).

/users/cs/dwyer/kr> less /var/tmp/gplcCAAHhaij2

clause(state('.'('.','.'(' ','.'(*/,[]))),37),[

Dr Barry Dwyer
Department of Computer Science
University of Adelaide
Adelaide, South Australia, 5005

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