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Spaces in file names -> Linker error

From: David Reitter
Subject: Spaces in file names -> Linker error
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 13:08:01 +0000
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Hi folks, Hi Daniel,

The linking process does not work at all if there is a space in the path to
GNU-Prolog, which is the case when you install GNU-Prolog where is belongs
on a Windows machine: into C:\Program Files\GNU-Prolog.

I don't know whether this occurs on other systems as well.

Here is the error message:

cl /nologo /Fe..\exec\fission-api-win32.exe C:\Program
Files\GNU-Prolog\lib\obj_ begin.obj
C:\DOCUME~1\reitterd\LOCALS~1\Temp\gplc5.obj C:\Program Files\GNU-Prol
og\lib\all_pl_bips.obj C:\Program Files\GNU-Prolog\lib\all_fd_bips.obj
C:\Progra m Files\GNU-Prolog\lib\top_level.obj C:\Program
Files\GNU-Prolog\lib\debugger.ob j C:\Program
Files\GNU-Prolog\lib\libbips_fd.lib C:\Program Files\GNU-Prolog\lib
\libengine_fd.lib C:\Program Files\GNU-Prolog\lib\libbips_pl.lib C:\Program
File s\GNU-Prolog\lib\obj_end.obj C:\Program
Files\GNU-Prolog\lib\libengine_pl.lib C: \Program
Files\GNU-Prolog\lib\liblinedit.lib advapi32.lib user32.lib ws2_32.lib /link
Command line warning D4024 : unrecognized source file type 'C:\Program',
file assumed

Obviously, GNU Prolog forgets to add quotes to the file names.

Somewhat unfortunately, there is no other workaround than to reinstall
GNU-Prolog directly in C:\ and make sure the name of the generated output
file does not contain a space character.


David Reitter

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