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Compiling for Linux on x86-64

From: Jasper Taylor
Subject: Compiling for Linux on x86-64
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2006 12:35:40 +0100
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Hi folks...I have tried to compile GNU Prolog under Fedora Core 5 for x86-64. 
The first time, I got a syntax error in engine.c so I went off and looked at 
the list archives and found that I was supposed to use gcc3 not gcc4. Funny I 
thought, I'm sure I've built it with gcc4 on a 32-bit platform. So I went off 
and got the compat-gcc-32 package and installed that, and in usr/bin moved 
gcc to gcc41 and gcc32 to gcc so the makefile used gcc32. The build then 
failed with a segfault in gplc.

(Note to the unwary: in this case gcc32 means version 3.2, not 32-bit)

Is there anything obvious that I should know? If this is a bug, I'll be happy 
to post any extra info that might be needed to fix it. I am doing this 
because I want to be free of the 256MB address space limit that affects GNU 
prolog on 32-bit Linux.


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