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gprolog on new Mac Intel

From: Pascal Pochet
Subject: gprolog on new Mac Intel
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006 18:34:34 +0200

gnuprolog compiles fine on a lot of x86 based OSes so there is probably no reason to fail on MacIntel…
but what are the exact changes to apply to the configure script and other settings files to make it works ?
I am still having problem in the temp .s files containing bad assembly code, probably because some macros are ill defined or not defined at all…
(compiling with a gcc-3 specially installed for that purpose, not the one supplied by Apple…)

any clues ?

Pascal Pochet
KeyID: 0x208C5DBF
Fingerprint: 9BFB 245C 5BFE 7F1D 64B7  C473 ABB3 4E83 208C 5DBF


Currently the only way I have found to make gprolog working on MacIntel is by using the PPC version under Rosetta,
(passing -C '-arch pcc' -A '-arch pcc' -L '-arch ppc' to the gplc command line…)

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