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Re: trace failure on x86-64

From: Jasper Taylor
Subject: Re: trace failure on x86-64
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 14:04:21 -0000
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> On Monday 08 January 2007 15:35, Jasper Taylor wrote:
> However I am having a few problems with the x86-64 port. I was getting some
> strange behaviour, and tried to pin it down with the 'trace' facility. But
> this caused fresh failures, for example as follows:

I've since found that the trace problem, and all the other strange behaviour 
including some on 32-bit x86, disappears if you compile gprolog without 
optimization. To do this, start with "./configure --with-c-flags=no"

If I have some spare time I'll try and see which optimization flags are 
causing the problem. Not sure why the default setting 
is "-O3 -fomit-frame-pointer" when -fomit-frame-pointer, according to the 
compiler info, is included in -O1 and above.


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