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gprolog-1.3.0 build from source on Solaris-10u3 (11/06) /x86; some propo

From: Laufer Tamás
Subject: gprolog-1.3.0 build from source on Solaris-10u3 (11/06) /x86; some proposals
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 18:50:50 +0200
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There were only two problems:

1.) A configuration bug: the /usr/ccs/bin/as was configured but only the 
Solaris/x86-standard /usr/sfw/bin/gas is usable
    by gprolog-1.3.0. The /usr/ccs/bin/as resulted fatal syntax-error at 
    Manual treatment: Edit the ./src/EnginePl/gp_config.h after the exec of 
                       AS=as --> AS=gas
2.) A questionable proposal: MAX_ATOM==65536 is very small. Increase it to 
1048576 (1M).
    Manually (after exec of ./configure):
    ./src/EnginePl/gprolog.h    #define ATOM_SIZE 16 --> #define ATOM_SIZE  20
    ./src/EnginePl/atom.c       #define INV_RADIX_MOD_MAX_ATOM 19563 --> 
#define INV_RADIX_MOD_MAX_ATOM  281707
    ./src/EnginePl/pl_params.h  #define ATOM_SIZE 16 --> #define ATOM_SIZE  20
    I tested these settings by compiling and running a large FD application. 
They seems to work.

Tamas Laufer

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