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Small prolog source file, large executable?

From: Dave Sworin
Subject: Small prolog source file, large executable?
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2008 04:14:43 -0800 (PST)

I have some permanent data in a list of structures
which I use.  The list of structures has a few hundred
data structures in the list and I noticed that I had
to increase my stack sizes to accomodate the new structures
I added.  The list of structures is defined in a predicate
which I call and the list is returned by an argument.
I then use the list in some other predicates.  The
structures are all fully instantiated.When I tried to
figure out why the memory usage went up, Ifound that
any time I instantiate a list of structures, even simple
ones like f(a,1,3), the executable is 100 times larger
than the prolog source.  So for example, I have a list
of structures andone other small 'toy' predicate in
an 8k prolog source file andthe executable is 800k.
I tried lots of different things but have not been able
to reduce the memory usage.  Even the very first intermediate
file, I think it is the WAM, has many many repeated
lines which are very similar but have arguments which
are the pieces of the structures.  I tried stripping
the executable whichdidn't help much either.  I tried
changing the data structure,using only one kind of structure
in the list, using a list of list of structures and so forth,
all with basically the same result.  The prolog source file
and the WAM file from one of my many trials are attached
just for reference.  The prolog source attached has about
100 lists of a few structures each.  I tried to send the
executable but the mail message failed.  I think you can
try this yourself easier than looking at my files.

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