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Re: Open File Error? No.2

From: Yasuhisa Matsumura
Subject: Re: Open File Error? No.2
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2009 12:17:22 +0900

This is Yasuhisa Matsumura, again.
PS.  Please let me add some information to the previous mail ('Open File Error?')  of mine.

On Japanese Windows, you cannot create any file with a filename that includes the so called backslash '\\' (= [92]),
but you CAN create a file with such a Japanese filename the character codes for which include the backslash code [92] as its subpart.
  For example:  you CANNOT directly create a file with the filename 'abc\d.txt'.
  But you CAN create a file with the filename '表.txt'.
  The character code list for '表.txt' is [149,92 | ".txt"].
Unfortunately, we have lots of such 2-byte characters that include [92].
The preceding code (=149 in the above example) directly before the backslash code [92] is always greater than (>) 128 in the Japanese system.
Yasuhisa Matsumura

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