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Open File Error?

From: Yasuhisa Matsumura
Subject: Open File Error?
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2009 10:12:03 +0900

Dear Prof. Daniel Diaz and other GNU-Prolog developers!
Thank you very much for your splendid Prolog compiler.
I would like to report the following 'BUG' (or 'Short-coming') under Windows OS.
I would be very glad as a Japanese user, if you could fix it some time.
Thank you very much, again.
Yasuhisa Matsumura
OS:  Windows Vista
GNU-Prolog version: 1.3.1
The Japanese Windows system encoding (= Shift_JIS) includes such a 2-byte character:
   '\x95\\\'  i.e.  name('\x95\\\',[149,92]).
But you can NOT open the file with the file name '\x95\\\.txt', for example,
   test(C) :- see('\x95\\\.txt'),get0(C),seen.
uncaught exception: error(existence_error(source_sink,'\x95\\\.txt'),see/1)
In contrast, you CAN open the file with the file name '\x95\[.txt'  i.e. name('\x95\[',[149,91]).
   test(C) :- see('\x95\[.txt'), get0(C), seen.
   C = 97     in case you wrote the character 'a' in the file.
PS.  The characters have the following appearance on Windows system:
'\x95\\\'  =  '表'.
'\x95\['    =  '票'.
But I think you cannot view the character appearance on your French or English Operating System.

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