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GNU Prolog for WinXP tries to use link.exe as linker

From: Chip Eastham
Subject: GNU Prolog for WinXP tries to use link.exe as linker
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2010 09:46:20 -0400

I've installed GNU Prolog 1.3.1 (current stable) as a binary from your
website, gprolog.org,
for Windows XP with MSVC 6.0.

The interactive console seems to execute properly, but when I try to
compile to native code
I run into a problem.  The compiler phase works, but when it tries to
do the linker phase, it
reports cl.exe cannot be found and "we use link.exe".  However
link.exe is not a linker, but
a GNU coreutils program that creates symlinks.  It doesn't understand
the linker options,
so the error message itself is a little cryptic:

*** Linking

cl.exe not found ! we use link.exe
link /nologo /stack:8000000 /out:sudoku1 C:\DOCUME~1\CHIPEA~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\gplc
5.obj C:\GNU-Prolog\lib\all_pl_bips.obj C:\GNU-Prolog\lib\all_fd_bips.obj C:\GNU
-Prolog\lib\top_level.obj C:\GNU-Prolog\lib\debugger.obj C:\GNU-Prolog\lib\libbi
ps_fd.lib C:\GNU-Prolog\lib\libengine_fd.lib C:\GNU-Prolog\lib\libbips_pl.lib C:
\GNU-Prolog\lib\libengine_pl.lib C:\GNU-Prolog\lib\liblinedit.lib advapi32.lib u
ser32.lib ws2_32.lib /ignore:4089 /subsystem:console
link: extra operand `/out:sudoku1'
Try `link --help' for more information.
compilation failed
deleting temporary files before exit
delete C:\DOCUME~1\CHIPEA~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\gplc5.obj
delete C:\DOCUME~1\CHIPEA~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\gplc5.obj

I believe that GNU utility "ld" is probably the linker that was intended here.

regards, chip

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