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Segmentation violation

Subject: Segmentation violation
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2011 09:44:46 +0200

Hello Daniel,
When passing test cases to the next version of DES, I got a segmentation violation in GNU Prolog 1.4.0 running under Windows Vista Business 32 bit. Tests went fine in other platforms (SICStus, SWI). The error was when processing a findall. I attach you a screenshot. Let me know if you need sources or if I can arrange more details to you. As I am going to have a trip, I do not know whether I can have an Internet connection today.
All the best,
Au revoir!

Fernando Sáenz Pérez
Profesor Titular de Universidad / Associate Professor
Home Page: http://www.fdi.ucm.es/profesor/fernan
Tel: + 34 913947642. Fax: + 34 913947547
Despacho / Office: 435 (4ª planta / 4th floor)
Dept. Ingeniería del Software e Inteligencia Artificial /
Department of Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Facultad de Informática
C/Profesor José García Santesmases, s/n
E - 28040 Madrid. Spain

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