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error trying to execute pl2wam (maybe not found)

From: Jan Andersson
Subject: error trying to execute pl2wam (maybe not found)
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2011 22:36:37 +0200

Error when trying to consult a .pl file:

| ?- consult('C:/GNU-Prolog/examples/ExamplesPl/boyer.pl').
compiling C:/GNU-Prolog/examples/ExamplesPl/boyer.pl for byte code...
C:/GNU-Prolog/examples/ExamplesPl/boyer.pl compiled, 472 lines read - 54803 bytes written, 31 ms
uncaught exception: error(system_error('error trying to execute pl2wam (maybe not found)'),consult/1)

The pl2wam.exe is in the bin directory in the installation folder. I have tried with adding the path to bin to the path environment variable to no avail.

Using Windows XP Prof 2002 sp 3.

Googled and found a couple of others complaining of the same problem, one of the recent, in your bug mail archive. Please let me know if there is a solution.

Jan Andersson

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