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Bug Report: write('') on stream crash

From: Jan Burse
Subject: Bug Report: write('') on stream crash
Date: Wed, 09 Nov 2011 15:31:28 +0100
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Dear Prof Daniel Diaz

I would like to inform you about the following bug. When doing
the following steps, i.e. writing the empty string to
an aliased file:

      ?- open('tin.txt', write, _, [alias(tin)]).

      ?- write(tin,'').

I get an application crash. I don't work from a C development environment, so I only see the crash dialog but no
further dump information.

See attachment. The problem happens with GNU Prolog 1.4.0.

Best Regards

XLOG Technologies GmbH
Jan Burse
Freisch├╝tzgasse 14
8004 Z├╝rich
E-mail: address@hidden
mobile: +41-76-489 04 03
fax: +41-43-268 04 03

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