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Bug: Issue with gplc failing to compile large (17,000 line) file of fact

From: Matthew Carter
Subject: Bug: Issue with gplc failing to compile large (17,000 line) file of facts
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2013 13:43:12 -0400
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Hi all,

In a large file (17k lines) of basic facts, such as:

        dep('one', 'two').
        dep('three', 'four').

gplc fails to compile to an executable with an out of stack space error
(note - there are no predicates in there which should cause an infinite
loop, however there may be circular references in the facts).

The exact file can be viewed here:


when I attempt to compile via something similar to the following:

        gplc ./packages.pro

I receive an out of GLOBALSZ space error.

Bumping up to

GLOBALSZ=500000 gplc ./packages.pro

Eventually gives a random error message related to invalid syntax in the
file (there are no such syntax errors).

Compiling to byte code works without issue:

        gplc -w ./packages.pro

As well as running this file through gprolog:

        gprolog --consult-file packages

This error does not occur on any other prolog implementation's
compilation technique (works fine on swi-prolog and some others).


Matthew Carter

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