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gplc possible bug: symbol already defined

From: Paulo Moura
Subject: gplc possible bug: symbol already defined
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2015 18:35:48 +0100


I'm running GNU Prolog 1.4.5 (git version) and trying to use the gplc command 
to generate a executable. I'm getting the following error:

_X1_24246578655F757365722F305F2461757831__a1 already defined.

If I stop (using the -S switch) after producing the assembly files and open the 
file listed in the error, I can confirm that indeed the symbol is defined 
twice. Is this a gplc bug or something in my code? How to diagnose? I looked 
into the related Prolog file but its contents seem fine (it defines a single 
multifile, dynamic predicate).



Paulo Moura
Logtalk developer

Email: <mailto:address@hidden>
Web:   <http://logtalk.org/>

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