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install-links Makefile rule

From: Keri Harris
Subject: install-links Makefile rule
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2018 13:18:51 +0200
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The install-links rule in the gprolog Makefile contains a couple of bugs:

install-links: uninstall-links
        if test $(LINKS_DIR) != none; then \
           ./mkinstalldirs $(LINKS_DIR); \
           (cd $(LINKS_DIR) ; $(LN_S) $(INSTALL_DIR)/bin/* .); \

        -if test $(LINKS_DIR) != none; then \
           (cd $(LINKS_DIR) 2>/dev/null && rm -f $(BIN_FILES)); \
           rmdir $(LINKS_DIR) 2>/dev/null; \
        fi || exit 0;

1. install-links uses a wildcard character.

This is not expanded by make and instead the single symlink '/path/to/bin/*' is created. If the wildcard character was expanded then we run the risk of creating links to all files in $(INSTALL_DIR)/bin, which would be what we want if $(INSTALL_DIR)/bin points to a populated directory like /usr/bin.

2. install-links depends on uninstall-links

Running uninstall-links can be very dangerous. For example, if configure is invoked with the arg --with-links-dir=/usr/bin then the uninstall-links rule will attempt to delete /usr/bin. I don't think that the gprolog install should be attempting to delete anything.

I've attached a patch for both of these issues.



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