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guess there is a bug in linedit

From: Vitaly Bosakevich
Subject: guess there is a bug in linedit
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2019 08:32:13 +0300

I'm using gprolog 1.4.5 (32 bits) on Windows 7 64 compiled without a gui console.
With a locale set to Russian_Russia.1251 is not possible to enter the russian letter 'р'.
I guess the problem is in the terminal.c file in function LE_Get_Char0 here:

c = ir.Event.KeyEvent.uChar.AsciiChar & 0xff;
      if (c == 0 || c == 0xe0)

0xe0 is a cp1251 code for the russian letter 'р'.
When i commented this out:
if (c == 0) // || c == 0xe0)

everything seems OK.

Vitaly Bosakevich

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