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PDF Outline for appendices incorrect

From: Tim Van Holder
Subject: PDF Outline for appendices incorrect
Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 15:20:25 +0200

When generating PDF using texi2dvi 0.43 (Texinfo 4.0), appendices
are incorrectly placed in the outline.
'Normal' chapters would result in

+ Chap
  + Sec1
    + SubSec
  + Sec2

but appendices result in

+ App
+ AppSec2
  + AppSubSec
+ AppSec2

(ie appendix sections are placed at the top level instead of below
their appendix)

Below is a minimal input to reproduce this behaviour:

\input texinfo
@chapter Chap
@section Sec1
@subsection SubSec
@section Sec2
@appendix App
@appendixsec AppSec1
@appendixsubsec AppSubSec
@appendixsec AppSec2

Tim Van Holder - Falcon Software N.V.
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