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Can't complete menu item when item ends in "?"

From: Tom Midgley
Subject: Can't complete menu item when item ends in "?"
Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2001 14:59:54 +0100


First thanks for info and all the great things you do - feels so good to
use a system with open standards !!!

The bug
If a menu item ends in  "?"  and conflicts with another item, tab won't 
autocomplete it, instead have to use  "Ctrl-Q ?"

Eg. info cvs
select Overview, there is th following menu.
If you try to select the first item you can't autocomplete

* Menu:
* What is CVS?::                What you can do with CVS
* What is CVS not?::            Problems CVS doesn't try to solve
* A sample session::            A tour of basic CVS usage

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