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Re: Texinfo to Docbook

From: feloy
Subject: Re: Texinfo to Docbook
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 17:48:34 MEST

Le 11 Jun 2001, Alexandre Duret-Lutz a écrit :
> Hi people, 
> I've applied Philippe Martin's patch of March 21 to enable
> Docbook output, and shaked makeinfo until it manages to convert
> my big texinfo document to valid DocBook.  The patch below is
> the result of my toying. It adds supports for function
> definitions (although it does not use <funcsynopsis>), and
> perform further tweaks to add some missing </para>, or remove
> some weird <para> (the DOCTYPE was emited between <para> and
> </para>, as well as the closing </variablelist> of the index).
> -- 


You should instead try to get the latest pretest version of TexInfo.
This one includes a more recent DocBook work.
But your patch is not useless. I'll use it to add function definition
support which is still not implemented.
I've also made a new little patch on top of 4.0b, for multitable support. I
don't have it 
here - i'll send it to you in a few hours.

pretests : ftp://texinfo.org/texinfo/pretests/

Thanks a lot for your report,

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