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Re: copyright-notice glitches in Texinfo 4.2 manuals

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: copyright-notice glitches in Texinfo 4.2 manuals
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 17:59:17 -0500

    Here is a patch to fix some copyright-notice glitches in the Texinfo
    4.2 manual.


            * doc/info-stnd.texi, doc/info.texi, doc/texinfo.txi: Spell
            out copyright years.

Last I heard from the lawyers, two-digit years were desirable and/or
ok.  We sent a request to Eben to be sure that is still true.  When we
get an answer I'll change and/or document appropriately.

        * doc/info.texi: Use @copying rather than the old-fashioned
        @ifinfo stuff.

Yeah, I didn't fix info.texi because I didn't want to break emacs
developers.  info.texi is sourced from emacs ...

Thanks again,

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