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Re: macro expansion in makeinfo

From: Vladimir Volovich
Subject: Re: macro expansion in makeinfo
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 18:51:55 +0400
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"EZ" == Eli Zaretskii writes:

 >> i.e., the @ovar was expanded when it appeared on its own, but was
 >> not expanded when used in an argument of @defmac.
 >> As a result, texi2dvi does not work - it complains that @ovar is
 >> not defined.
 >> is this a bug or a feature?

 EZ> It's a limitation of macros in Texinfo: macros in
 EZ> @def... commands are not supported.

I.e. they should not be used, or it is not yet implemented?
[i.e. it is a temporary limitation or a general limitation which will
not be resolved?]
Is the reason they are not supported in difficulties of implementation?

the following hack seems to produce a correct texinfo source file
which is processed by TeX without errors:

perl -p -e 's,address@hidden,address@hidden,; s,address@hidden 
defmac,address@hidden,' test.texi | \
makeinfo --macro-expand=- | \
perl -p -e 's,address@hidden,address@hidden,;s,address@hidden,address@hidden 
defmac,' > test1.texi

so i wonder why makeinfo does not expand macros everywhere?


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