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Request for Assistance!

From: jesse ndoro
Subject: Request for Assistance!
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 16:37:39

Dear sir,

How I sincerely wish that this message will not amaze you and more so for the 
assistance that I seek from you. My name is Mr. Jesse Ndoro. I represent myself 
and Mr.  Johnson Whitehead both black and white Zimbabweans.

We are first cousins  on the maternal side and have been business partners for 
the past twenty six years, jointly investing on Farming and coffee production. 
We owned numerous farms and two coffee production plants in Zimbabwe, and had a 
work force of one hundred and eighty persons during the off season and as much 
as three hundred and forty persons during the crop season. 

Over the past three years the Zimbabwean Government policies have been very 
unfavourable to our business and to all farmers generally in Zimbabwe which 
eventually culminated in the present problem. Since last year massive life 
threatening hostilities, master minded and encouraged by the Government but 
executed by the National War Veterans Association was initiated against the 
farming community, in which as you may have read in the media publications, led 
to the death of several farmers and their employees, including several 
destruction of farms, looting and outright seizure. Some farms were forcible 
occupied and government took them over and re-distributed to the veterans and 
more so since the expiration of the deadline given by the ruling government. In 
the aftermath of these hostilities, three of our farms were looted and 
destroyed and four of our employees were killed during these inhuman 
occupations carried out by the veterans, with the assistance and encouragement 
of the Mugabe government and its policy resolution. The inhuman treatment 
became vicious and more pronounced since he allegedly won the last election. 

Due to this very nasty life threatening experience we had and the danger of the 
unsafe situation, that exist in our country, we had no option but to make an 
arrangement to relinquish ownership of the farms to the government and 
negotiate for compensation. This was as far back as March of this year. It was 
while we were at Harare, the capital city, negotiating with the government 
people that tragedy struck in one of our farms. Two of the veterans that 
occupied our farms were murdered in mysterious circumstances. In pursuance of 
the hate policy of the government, instead of arresting their colleagues that 
occupied the farm or better still the locals living in the farm, we were 
located all the way in Harare and Mr. Whitehead arrested. Up till now, he has 
been  in police detention and all efforts to secure his bail is being 
frustrated by the authorities. They have since searched our homes and farms 
severally looking for what I cannot fathom. They even wire-tapped our 
telephone. Government has become so desperate since after the clamping of the 
sanctions by the civilized world and the seizure of Mugabe assets by the 
British Government. Our farms have been the target of some senior officials of 
ZANU-PF. Towards the end of April, with the mandate of Mr. Whitehead, I 
negotiated and sold the farms to one of the financiers of the ruling party.  
But government has decided that all the farms must be revoked as to appease 
those that assisted in his re-election. Before then, I have spirited the 
proceeds from the sale, all our monies and other  most important things in our 
lives to South Africa. Most importantly, we took to South Africa the sum of 
$15.5m in liquid cash being our life savings and proceeds from the sale of our 
farms with the two plants inclusive which I managed to deposit in a security 
The reason why I have contacted you is due to our urgent need to get a foreign 
business partner, residing in a country with a favourable economic and 
investment climate. We have no intention of residing in Zimbabwe anymore and 
more so since the government and the buyer of the properties might be after us. 
Our fears of the inclement atmosphere in South Africa makes it impossible for 
us to settle there also. We urgently require your assistance in receiving this 
amount and also be a lunch-pad for us in our quest for freedom so that we can 
migrate and establish a joint venture business in your country. Our preferred 
area of investment is farming but should you have a deviation as to what the 
funds should be invested into, considering profitable investment opportunities 
in your country, we shall have no objections.
Please note that if you are interested in assisting us , we will immediately 
arrange for the necessaries and your percentage compensation for assisting will 
be 12% of the total fund. 

I look forward to your immediate reply. You should reply me through these email 
addresses address@hidden I am making arrangements to acquire a safe number 
where we can be conversing without interruption since they have wire-tapped all 
our telephone lines. Please, let me have your telephone and fax numbers. 
Yours sincerely,
Jesse Ndoro.

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