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Re: copyright-notice glitches in Texinfo 4.2 manuals

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: copyright-notice glitches in Texinfo 4.2 manuals
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 19:25:44 -0400

    Please do change them--the Emacs HEAD sources already depend
    on @copying for one manual.

Ok, I just checked in changes to almost all the top-level manuals in
emacs, to use @copying instead of the variety of methods that were there
before.  I also changed the @top nodes to be @ifnottex in the cases where
@ifinfo was used, since otherwise the html output would come out wrong.

I didn't change the gnus manual since it is constructed in a way I don't
understand, to allow for processing by LaTeX, apparently.  And I didn't
change the tramp manual, since it already uses @copying in an unusual
way, and fixing that would have required more changes than I felt
comfortable making.

makeinfo (from 4.2) is happy creating info from all of the files.  I did
not exhaustively check the TeX or HTML output.  Hopefully it's all ok.
If any of the authors complain, feel free to redirect them to me.


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