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Re: pdf and certain macro expansion

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: pdf and certain macro expansion
Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 09:45:21 -0400

    It doesn't solve the issue when the top level directory is different for 
    the different manuals. 

Yes, I agree.

    Maybe it could be possible to associate a manual 
    with a top level directory at invocation time ?

I was thinking about this, in some sort of auxiliary file, but in
practice I doubt many people would use it.  At least I have gotten very
few complaints as things stand now, when "foreign" xrefs work only by

So I think the --html-xref-prefix thing at least is a start, and we can
add such a per-manual feature later, if need be.

I think it would actually be more useful to have a consistent and
more-or-less complete set of Texinfo manuals online -- that way, at
least there'd be a common place to link to.  Updating of www.gnu.org is
haphazard at best.  Last time I checked delorie.com the texinfo manual
(at least) was out of date.  Etc ...


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