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Re: segfault in makeinfo-4.5

From: Sam Halliday
Subject: Re: segfault in makeinfo-4.5
Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 15:38:04 +0100

Sam Halliday wrote:
> > i get a core dump from makeinfo if i run the following
> >  wget http://www.math.washington.edu/~palmieri/Emacs/gz/ultra.tar.gz
> >  tar xfz ultra.tar.gz 
> >  cd ultratex-0.71/texi
> >  makeinfo light.texi ultra.texi
> > but it works if the files are processed seperately
> ignore this... turns out my dir file was knackered!

sorry about this... but i was ssh'd into another machine, i think this
bug is still valid. could somebody please check it to confirm it?

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