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Re: cross references in html, next

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: cross references in html, next
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 15:51:41 -0400

It does not really matter, but I think these commands:

    @exdent NOTHING
    @noindent NOTHING
    @page NOTHING
    @refill NOTHING
    @uref is replaced by the third arg, or the second if not present or the 
    @footnote and its argument are removed
    @sp and the number following it are removed
    @*ref is replaced by the first argument (the node name)

should simply be disallowed in @node names.  I can't imagine any good
reason to use them.

@image, by the way, I can imagine (very vaguely), so let's leave that as
a possibility.

I don't have any other comments.  Thanks for doing this.  Now I just I
could take the time to implement it immediately :).


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