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Re: bug in texinfo-upd.el (or related file)

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: bug in texinfo-upd.el (or related file)
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 19:58:39 -0400

    However, the bug appears to be in texnfo-upd.el and I filed
    a report with that file's maintainer, address@hidden

Well, texnfo-upd.el and all the other texinfo .el files haven't been
part of the texinfo distribution for years.  (The version skew with
emacs was too problematic.)  So now they are just part of emacs.  I
don't know how to handle maintainership ...

At any rate, I guess Bob Chassell has worked most on texnfo-upd.el; I
don't know if he'll have time and inclination to work on the @ifset bug
you reported.  Bob?

(Another bug in texnfo-upd.el is insertion of a spurious @detailmenu
command after texinfo-multiple-files-update t t.)


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