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Re: line numbers, @sc

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: line numbers, @sc
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2004 18:35:24 -0500

    Does this mean that it will be okay to write

         @ref{Blah} blahblah

    If I remember correctly, the Texinfo manual says that the Info
    Viewer may have scanning problems with this.

That's correct.  And therefore we are going to change @ref to insert a
period if needed, as it does for @pxref.  This is far from ideal, since
the Info output from the above will be
  *Note Blah::. blahblah
with a period in the middle of the sentence, but the real fix (always
terminate xref's with some control sequence) is obviously incompatible
and will take years to propagate anyway.

I feel it's more important to do it now because of the new @float
(figures, tables, etc.)  feature that will be in the next release.
Otherwise, it wouldn't be possible to produce things like "Table 1.1
shows...".  It was barely possible to get away with this restriction
when only nodes/anchors could be referred to, but it seems infeasible
with the addition of floats.

And, it only affects Info output.  So, all in all, I feel the benefits
outweigh the ugliness at this point.  Other opinions welcome :).


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